Episodes of 'In Bed With YAYA'

As episodes of In Bed With YAYA are recorded they will be added here.


Episode 1: In Bed with YAYA

In my very first episode of ‘In Bed With YAYA’ I have a very special guest. A truly international artist whose talents have made her a much sought after dance coach and creative/choreographer all over the world. Coming soon!!!!!

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Welcome to the In Bed With YAYA Podcast

Welcome to the very first podcast of In Bed With YAYA. We have no guests on today although I will be talking to you a little bit about who I am, what I will be covering in each episode of my podcast series, why...

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Show Host

Hosting every episode is YAYA, although there may be the occasion where we may have a special guest co-host – when they feel up to it, of course!

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