Welcome to the blog of the podcast ‘In Bed With YAYA’

Welcome to the podcast ‘In Bed with YAYA’. A podcast for people interested and involved in the creative arts. 

Why did I specifically choose the creative arts sector for this blog? Well, as a writer, a spoken-word poet, a creative professional, a former dancer, and a music lover myself, I have always had a tremendous interest and passion in the arts. 

Currently managing my own creative agency specialising in live events, I worked for many years in public service broadcasting with BBC Radio in central London. I am also a professionally trained classical ballet dancer, having trained full-time at The National Theatre Ballet School in Melbourne and at the Glen Street Academy of Performing Arts in Sydney, Australia.

This podcast was created for two reasons, the first being a way to finally focus my career in the direction I have always seen. After working in radio for many years, I secretly harboured a desire to host my own show, but never had the time, or perhaps the courage to go for it.  This pandemic has given me the time and the courage to follow through on my dreams. After being a radio guest on the Liam Davis show, last month, I decided to finally develop my own show that would help to inspire, people like myself, working in the creative arts. 

Secondly, I have seen firsthand the enormous impact of this pandemic on live events and the creative arts that has almost decimated the entire industry . Artists who have devoted their entire lives to their craft have been left in limbo with very little support and with very little hope for any future work. The lack of disparity in financial support for the arts and the entire event industry is, to say the least, distressing. 

But artists are known for their incredible resilience and by their very nature, they are always filled with hope. That’s what dreamers do! We dream! We want a better tomorrow. An improved world. A world of social justice and equality.

I have always hoped to raise my children as kind souls and as artists that will continue to inspire, to educate, to entertain, to bring joy, and most importantly, bring others hope, by sharing their love and their passion for all things creative. As young musicians, singers and dancers, I want to give them hope that there is a worthwhile and exciting career in the arts and a creative life they can lead in an industry that it is not only vibrant, but is incredibly vital to all of our emotional and physical well-being.

So while this podcast has some serious goals to inspire those currently working in the field and looking to have a career in the arts, it is also meant to be a podcast that is particularly playful! Most artists appreciate the importance of embracing their inner-child. The importance of always remaining playful and high-spirited. The importance of always keeping the joy, so that they can share their joy with you. The importance of always staying hopeful, even when at times it might start to feel all hope is lost.

So let’s get under the covers and let’s show what’s rarely seen! What are the real challenges most artists face? What are the highs and what are the lows of a career in the arts? And just how much dedication does it really take to make it in the arts? It may sound glamorous, and it might look like a lot of fun, but a life in the arts is far from easy! A career in the arts is not one of just dreaming your dream! It’s about turning those dreams into reality. And that takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears! A lot of tears! And unfortunately sometimes reality sucks! But sometimes, as they say, the best things in life come from our struggles.

And although the arts is currently struggling! The arts are here to stay! After all, the arts are the only real connection that we have, to ourselves! 

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