A word on the piggyback generation

A word on the piggyback generation!


In a generation of copycats and TikTok voiceovers, content is lifted and regurgitated thousands of times over! 

Everyone has a chance to use the creativity of writers, comedians, actors, dancers and musicians to enhance their image or their brand! 

If you can’t think of something funny to say, just find it in TikTok and lip-sync to it like Milli Vanilli. If you can’t think of a dance routine, find one online and try your best to copy it with your mum, dog, cat or best friend. Not a musician, but need a great tune to use in your YouTube video, just lift it from a musician or band you like. Want a great voice over because you don’t like the sound of your voice? Just lift it from a movie or audio file you’ve found! Need to inspire others with your words, then lift them from a poet or a self-help book and pretend they are your own. 

My point is that the TikTok generation feels like it’s a generation that wants the easy route to success on others’ backs! The piggyback generation! Now it may sound harsh, but the truth is that the creatives are the ones that are truly missing out! I’ve always paid for the use of my photographs on my poetry account; I license my intro music on my podcast, I always credit a quote if it is not my own, and I try my best to support fellow artists by buying their merchandise and albums, art, books etc.

My podcast is all about the creative arts because, unfortunately, we do what we do, not for the financial rewards, but because we can’t imagine doing anything else! 2020 has been, and 2021 will be the hardest yet for the artists! But just like creatives always do, their imagination always helps them find new ways to survive!

Please remember that artists need to eat too! The starving artists have never been and are still not cool!! Now buy that Livestream ticket today!

Lots of love,





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